The Best Artificial Floral Designs that Can Add Splendour

Artificial Floral Designs

Artificial floral decorations go a long way to lift up the look and feel of any occasion. Flowers, indeed, are among our best friends that uplift the mood and the spirits at difficult times. But then, flowers are perishable. They beauty and fragrance are short-lived. They wilt with time. That’s where artificial flowers come into the forefront. High quality luxury floral designs will go a long way to add the splendour you have looked for and the most amazing part of it is that, it will not wane with time. If you opt for the best luxury artificial floral designs in the UK from the quality manufactures, they are sure to leave a lasting impression on the look and feel of a given space.

Let us in this write-up, discuss some of the best concepts involving these artificial flowers offered by leading manufacturers and distributors. 

Bunch of Five 

Flowers, more so, when in bunch are a treat to watch. Their beauty and class get multiplied by manifold when they come in bunch. Take for instance, a bunch of five. You can customise it in your own way. Either you can opt for a pure, plush white bunch or a multi-coloured one, with a stark contrast of white and pink or red. Either way, it will take the look and feel of your coffee or dining table to an altogether different level.

The 8-Piece Bunch

This is another visual treat that come in a bunch of 8. Strategically arranged in a criss crossed way, with 4 each on either side, put together at the juncture with matching silken knot, they are the perfect decor that will spice up a corner that has been filled with a short corner cabinet. 

The Floral Vine

Again, this is another fantastic way spruce up the walls of your room. The floral vines that you can order from bespoke online florists in the UK can very well be splendid collection, which come at a pretty affordable price. Now the variety of flower you look for and the colour combination can be varying, depending upon the colour of the wall, the dimension of the room and the purpose you are looking for them for. However, all said and done, a combination of green with a bright bloom is always visually enticing.


Orchids, more so the whites are cutie pies. They are little beauties that make a landscape more visually enticing and complementing. Now, if you have plans of capturing that grandeur indoors, going for those artificial orchids is a fantastic way. We suggest you go for white, as touches of whiteness in the form of these orchids on your table will underline your style statement and do justice to your sense of beauty. 


Tulips are the epitome of colour and life. If you are to arrest that life and colour for your home forever, opting for the brightest artificial tulips is the best option. They will add a visual splendour that will make you feel proud.

Opt for Florals of Splendour to place the order for your favourite artificial flowers. Fill out our form and let us know about your preferences after you get ideas from our stock. Your bespoke floral arrangement in UK will be at your address, right away.

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