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Flowers have the innate ability to brighten up a room to make it feel comfortable and cosy. A lovely arrangement of flowers can complement or balance a room’s existing décor, making it feel complete. Whether you place it in your reception, lobby, home office, hotel rooms, or as wedding centrepieces, flowers can instantly balance the look of your space. As designers of artificial floral arrangements, you don’t have to worry about flowers wilting after a few days, leaving a dreary space that can be off-putting. We create silk floral arrangements in various styles and can be delivered directly or installed on your premises. Get the aesthetic of fresh flowers and the emotions that it evokes, without the hassle and cost of having to change them regularly.

Floral Signage

Complement your brand or event with one of our custom-made flower walls

Bespoke arrangements customised according to your style and decor

Whether you want a floral arrangement for business or personal, having elegant and vibrant flowers as part of the décor will instantly invite people in. It evokes a sense of liveliness and wellbeing, that can keep customers, employees or the family, feeling happy and stress-free. Spread the happiness and energy with flowers that will never wilt but will always draw the eyes and satisfy the senses.

Designs can be complemented with one of our handmade naturally fragrance Soy Wax Candles or luxury fragranced handmade Reed Diffusers.

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Bespoke Floral Shoe Display

Make a statement…

Whether you want fun and vibrant flowers or muted pastels, we can create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece suited for your business. Place it anywhere you want without having to worry about sunlight, water, and regular maintenance. Contact us now to get an exemplary work of art for your business space delivered to your door. Book a free consultation today by clicking here or give us a call on 0330 001 2451.

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