How We Choose Our Artificial Flower Collections

How We Choose Our Artificial Flower Collections

To decide which artificial flower is the best one, we look at the quality of materials such as polyester, seasonal colours and at the container in order to create beautiful floral displays in time.

To ensure you create the perfect floral arrangement, Florals Of Splendour owner and florist, Claudette Jones, have selected great-quality artificial flowers, that are beautifully coloured, and look realistic.

Artificial Floral Quality

Select flowers made of high-quality materials, such as polyester. They are an excellent investment because they can be used year after year. Furthermore, because of their realism, they are simple to combine with real flowers. We are selective in the materials we use to create our lifelike faux florals. Our flowers are made with fading-resistant fabric and will keep their color for longer. A good quality of fake flowers is important because we want your artificial florals to look great, even if they are not in season. 

Artificial Floral Quality is important because good quality flowers are realistic; they look just like natural flowers. Artificial florals are great for those who have allergies and it’s a sensible way to create a floral display for your home, office or event.

Beautiful, high-quality artificial flowers are an easy way to elevate your home decor. They’ll look great in any room, and can be swapped out with the seasons, making them an inexpensive staple in your home.

Bespoke Color

Look for flowers that have colours that are in season right now. Balsam Hill has lifelike florals that range from soft whites to bright reds and make wonderful additions to your décor. You can have as many colours as you desire within our bespoke range creating your own signature bouquet. With so many varieties of silk flowers and artificial flowers, why do people all over the world still choose bespoke colours? The answer is that no other artificial flower will provide you with a greater variety than this.

Artificial Florals Vessel

Choose the appropriate container to complement your floral display. A glass vase adds elegance to your centrepiece, whereas stoneware or basket planters give it a rustic feel. Consider using containers such as metal buckets or hand-painted mugs to add a personal touch. 

Good artificial flowers require proper vases and vases depending on where are you going to put them. Professional florists, wedding planners and event managers most often use artificial fresh flowers for decoration because of their low maintenance and budget cost. But one bad mistake would be being careless with the quality of your vases when you choose for these artificial flowers. This is why having good quality vases and correct vases for artificial flowers is necessary.

Vases surely would be on the top of your list when you are looking for flower vases or artificial flowers vases to decorate your home. Absolutely right, vases are available in all styles, sizes and materials. However, since you have many choices that spread across different categories, choosing the proper vase may take a longer time than you expect. Thus, here are some ways to select a good quality one with ease.

Bespoke Florals That Fits Every Event And Location

Modern urban living has little room for traditional plants. And even though we’re surrounded by man-made materials and structures, sometimes we want to bring a touch of nature into our homes. We only select top quality artificial flowers for our customers because we want you to be satisfied with your purchase. We also provide seasonal colour recommendations based on what our designers are seeing in the market. Finally, we have a wide range of vases to compliment any floral design that creates the perfect centrepiece for your home or business.

As a material, high-quality artificial flowers have stable color, good durability and full shape. Every design is carefully crafted by our designers and there are many colours, styles and flower types that are easy to match and meet your decorating needs.

Adorn your home, office and events with fresh-looking flowers that stay beautiful for years. Our artificial flower collections feature lifelike petals and leaves created from advanced materials, ensuring they’ll endure weather changes and houseplants while retaining their beauty – they’re even safe for pets. Visit us today at

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