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Types of payments we accept:

Bank Transfer 
Banking Details will be sent via email with our invoice

Credit & Debit Cards
Payments can be made via your credit and debit cards, Apple and Google Pay via Stripe 

Option to pay in 3
Pay a deposit and the balance paid later over two further payments. The final payment is made about 28 days before delivery/installation (subject to the time remaining before the event)

Are your flowers real?

No, our flowers look very realistic, because we use high-end flower stems and foliages we have spent a long time sourcing, to ensure we provide a high-quality product.

When should I expect my delivery?

Delivery and Collection: Flower arrangements will be ready for collection based on the agreed timings with the client. Please allow a minimum of 14 days for bespoke orders, plus delivery or collection time.

How do I store silk flowers for a special event

Our flowers maintain very well with little effort and don’t really need any storage, but if you wish to avoid any accidents, you can keep them in a sealed box away from damp, radiators, sunlight, in a cool dry place, would be perfect.

Who do you create your flower arrangements for?

We create all types of arrangements for homes, businesses, weddings and special events. However, our speciality is bespoke designs for discerning clients who desire an arrangement that is created according to their personality, branding, colour scheme and environment.

How much notice do you need to complete an arrangement?

It always depends on the project and design requested, but start from around two weeks (including the consultation and planning), whilst for a larger installation, we prefer a minimum of  six-week notice. However, timings can be altered, where a project may need to be done quicker.

What is a typical cost for a bespoke flower arrangement?

There are many factors to consider when pricing a floral arrangement, and every client or event is different, so the costs involved can vary considerably. However, a bespoke flower arrangement can start from as little as £125 for a bouquet, but the variables are many, and generally, it’s down to the client’s budget. We will always try and do our best to work with you and within your budget, which will be discussed and agreed upon before working with you.

We also offer an event styling hiring service, turning your dream event into a stunning reality.

If I don’t know what my colour scheme is, or idea, can you help?

Florals of Splendour is thrilled to assist you, and we invite you to schedule a complimentary one-on-one consultation. Book a discovery call today and let's embark on an exciting exploration of possibilities together.