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Bespoke Artificial Flowers

Create Memories That Last

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Sustainable Wedding Flowers

As a bride, you dream of having the perfect bouquet that showcases your style and individuality. Say goodbye to generic bouquets and say hello to a bouquet that is truly and exclusively yours. Say goodbye to itchy eyes, wasted flowers, and endless replacements. Our high-quality, life-like artificial flowers and arrangements are designed to last whilst capturing the beauty and emotions of your wedding day. 

Order now and let us make your floral dreams come true.

We offer a range of options, flowers for all your bridal party, venue styling and decoration, including breakfast/reception tables and venue set-ups.

"Every project is a new challenge to produce something unique.“

Bride with Artificial & Dried Flowers

Our approach

Design to conception

We are ready to help you create that magical world for your special day. We use very life-like wedding flowers and unlike expensive fresh flowers that will last only for a few days, our floral arrangements are long-lasting. Enabling you to find them a place in your home, even after the wedding — a perfect investment for your new life ahead! 

Your flower arrangements will remain as fresh and beautiful as newly picked flowers in full bloom! Book a free discovery call today or call 07727 090208

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