5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Silk Flowers

Other than brightening up a room, flowers have been scientifically proven to have a long-term positive impact on mood and emotions. It relieves depression and anxiety and uplifts the spirits and induces happiness because of its colour and visual appeal.  However, wilted flowers have an opposite effect on many, it represents fragility and weakness that may impact the mood negatively.

You can’t stop flowers from wilting, but you can find a more durable and lasting alternative. Enter silk flowers! These faux flowers look just as real and luxurious as your everyday fresh flowers, but they don’t wilt! Here are some of the reasons why you should consider silk flowers to replace or complement your fresh flowers.

  1. They are more sustainable. Other than the fact they don’t wilt, thus, they are reusable, silk flowers are more eco-friendly than the floriculture industry. The non-sustainable fresh flower farming industry requires vast amounts of land and water and fossil fuel for transportation. This leads to pollution, land degradation, and high emissions. So ordering fresh flowers on a regular basis can add up to a large impact on the planet.
  2. They are low maintenance. You can easily keep your faux flowers looking fresh and clean through simple and easy cleaning and styling procedures. You can use a feather duster, hairdryer, or a damp cloth to keep the surfaces clean and looking fresh.
  3. They are safe. Fresh flowers contain pollen that can cause allergic reactions. In addition, if you are unsure where your fresh flowers have been sourced, there are also possibilities that they contain pesticides and chemical preservatives that may harm your health.
  4. There are unlimited possibilities. If you have your heart set on a rare flower that blooms once a year on the other side of the world as a centrepiece for your wedding, you can always ask your silk flower designer to custom-made a bouquet for your special occasion. With silk flowers, nothing is impossible.
  5. They are affordable. Consider the cost of buying fresh flowers regularly versus the cost of a silk flower bouquet that will last for years. You’ll save a fortune when you opt for a reusable bouquet that you can use as a centrepiece.

If you want flowers that will last forever without wilting, that look as real, vibrant, and elegant as the real thing, you won’t go wrong with silk flowers. You can always spritz some fragrance on them and you’ll have the full fresh flower experience every single time.



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