Varieties of Artificial Flowers to Choose From for Birthday Flower Delivery

Birthday Flower Delivery

The sky’s the limit when it comes to choosing artificial flowers for your loved one. There are various types of artificial flowers available, and all of them are unique in their own ways. However, you need to apply your own preferences and consider the recipient’s aesthetic inclination before selecting the variety. Nevertheless, you need to have a firm idea about the different types of artificial flowers.

Real Touch Flowers:

These are the most popular variety of artificial flowers, and people adore them due to their realistic look and feel. Indeed, these incredible flowers, predominantly made from polyether polyurethane or PU foam, are close to the ‘natural avatars’ with a strikingly natural look, feel, and texture. These are also considered high tech artificial flowers, as they are manufactured using a computer-controlled mechanism. These flowers are generally exceptionally durable and hence last for long. Since they come with thicker and more durable petals, they can maintain their shape and texture, even when squeezed or pressed. Also, the edges of the petals never shred or fray. Therefore, if you are looking for artificial birthday flowers for delivery in the UK, this is one preferred variety.

Silk Flowers:

This is another extremely important type of artificial flower that people prefer for a birthday gift. These flowers come with a smooth and clean texture, and again, when you get yourself an excellent quality one, it is devoid of that plastic or artificial look and feel. The plastic used to manufacture these flowers is generally flocked – which means it has the texture that helps them look and feel as natural as they can be.

Sola Wood Flowers:

This particular variety of sola wood flowers is long-lasting, and they have that much-cherished realistic look and feel. These flowers are produced out of the wood from the balsa tree and hence are natural and eco friendly. The bark of the balsa tree is used for the making of these realistic flowers. And the fact that the bark is cut and trimmed and then shaved into delicate sheets of ivory makes them all the more perfect. And most importantly, these flowers are mainly handcrafted and involve no use of any machines to transform the wood into the flowers. These blooms are given the desired look and feel by applying acrylic paints, silk paints, spray paints and even high-quality watercolours.

Foam Flowers:

These artificial floral blooms are lightweight and less expensive, though by no means short of that realistic look and feel that you are looking for. And this variety of flowers come up with very delicate foam petals, dyed with a specific hue and glued around a stylised styrofoam centre. Due to their lower cost, they are extensively chosen by people when they plan to buy special gift hampers in the UK online in the form of artificial flowers. Thus if you have similar plans, you can opt for this variety of artificial flowers.

The other pretty popular variety of artificial flowers are wax-coated flowers.

Therefore you see, when it comes to choosing artificial flowers for a birthday gift, we at Florals of Splendour come with a sea of variety to choose from. Call us at 03300012451. for further details.

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