Sustainable Wedding Bouquets
Create Memories That Last

Bridal Flowers & Bouquet for sale or hire
Bridal Flowers & Bouquet for sale or hire
Bridal Flowers & Bouquet for sale or hire

Bespoke bridal bouquets to celebrate your unique style

Flowers breathe life into a venue. They make the place extra special, romantic, enchanting and create its own story. Every bride dreams about having the perfect floral bouquet for her wedding, that show-off their style and uniqueness and tells their own story. We create bouquets for your whole bridal party for adults and children, as well as corsages and buttonholes.

Florals of Splendour want your event to be special, whether to coordinate with the outfit or match the energy that you want to create for your special day. Bouquets that can be remembered for a lifetime.

We are ready to help you create that magical world for your special day. We use very life-like wedding flowers and unlike expensive fresh flowers that will last only for a few days, our floral arrangements are long-lasting. Enabling you to find them a place in your home, even after the wedding — a perfect investment for your new life ahead! 

Your flower arrangements will remain as fresh and beautiful as newly picked flowers in full bloom! Book a free consultation today or call 0330 001 2451.

White Calla Lily over the arm shower bouquet
Light pink roses wedding bouquet
Bridal bouquets

Whether you’re a wedding planner, or a bride-to-be looking to create a picturesque paradise to be remembered by guests for years to come, Florals of Splendour will help you make a great impression to please the whole wedding party. Visual flower arrangements that will captivate the eyes and hearts of everyone, even the brides with the most meticulously discerning tastes. Our floral arrangements can also be used as special gifts at the end or as mementoes, creating special memories that really last a lifetime.

  • We have the best designers in our team to create these inspiring designs
  • We use high-quality materials to create bespoke designs
  • We understand the preferences of our clients to bring out new designs
  • The materials we use for creating the items do not contain allergens

So with us, sustainable wedding bouquets are now simpler and we assure you that your guests will be fascinated with our creations.

Wedding & Events Packages

Our Wedding Packages are made to order and start from as little as £80 for a bridal bouquet or £300 which includes:

1x Bridal Bouquet
4x Bridesmaid Bouquet
4x Buttonholes