Wow Your Guest with Beautiful Realistic Flowers and Accessories

Artificial Flowers


Allow us to create an entrance and transform the venue of your dreams with beautiful artificial flowers.

Faux flowers are the perfect way to add a fun and unique touch to any event. They have a natural, realistic look with easy maintenance, which makes them convenient to use. Faux flowers make beautiful bouquet accents and centrepieces due to the variety in sizes, the fullness of their blooms and overall vibrancy.

From pretty artificial bouquets for your vase at home to larger-scale designs for weddings and events, we have something for everyone. Our artificial flowers are made from high-quality materials and are designed to last, so you can enjoy them for years to come. Or why not rent? We have many packages to choose from.

Natural flowers can be damaged and fade away so quickly, especially if left outside or uncared for. Whereas artificial flowers will provide a more consistent look, and maintain their health and beauty over time. In addition, they can be reused again and again, and still complement your theme, and your style, saving you money on floral arrangements.

Events Planning & Management

If time is a challenge and you need that extra pair of hands to help you navigate your way through to create your dream event and make a difference, Florals of Splendour Event Planning Service will be just what you need. We have three main packages to choose from or we can customise one to suit your every need. To remove the stress, frustration and lack of resources, to make your event a time to be enjoyed and make lasting memories.

Why Choose Faux Florals For Your Wedding?

There are many reasons why couples might choose to use faux flowers on their wedding day. Perhaps the most compelling reason is that artificial flowers are more sustainable and less wastage than fresh flowers. It saves time as they can be made up way ahead of the event date and of course, they last and last for so long.

Faux florals also require no watering, so little care and can still last for years with little effort from you. If time is one of your biggest challenges in this fast pacing world, these flowers are ideal. Such a great sustainable alternative to fresh blooms. Additionally, artificial flowers can be customized to match any wedding theme or colour palette. Let’s celebrate your personality and not what’s in bloom for that season. It’s all about you!

Traditional roses, hydrangeas, orchids and tulips are classic favourites, with artificial flowers that look and can feel like the real thing, and will only enhance your wedding, party or another special event. At Florals of Splendour, we have a stunning selection of unique design ideas for your home or event that you have been searching for!


Beautiful Artificial Flowers designed for a center cake and event area.

Why Choose Faux Florals For Your Special Events?

Whether you are seeking to add beauty to a party or event, or simply want to provide your home with a splash of elegance, our beautiful flowers will leave you satisfied.

Real flowers like real roses, lilies and more are different from artificial ones. A lot of people believe these to be the same, but they are not. Things like realistic designs, along with a wonderful natural look make your party special and unique.

Add a perfect touch of beauty to your home with artificial flowers that look and feel just like the real thing. From stunning arrangements to beautiful bouquets and wreaths, we have a stunning selection of artificial flowers to choose from.

Artificial Flowers That Look Real and Beautiful For Your Event Needs!

Artificial flowers have been around for centuries and are still one of the best methods of decoration for homes, offices, restaurants, and venue halls. With our vast selection of artificial flowers and accessories, you can rest assured knowing that no matter your style or theme, you’ll find what you want at Florals of Splendour. Contact us now to arrange a free consultation or make an order at 0330 000 12451 or 07727 090208

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